Seed Production

Enabling our technologies with high-grade seed

The delivery of our technologies to our industry partners requires Grasslanz to produce the highest quality of seed for commercial multiplication.

Through intensive single plant and small-scale seed production and rigorous quality control measures, our seed production team at Lincoln achieves results that are second to none.


High-grade seed production

Grasslanz excels in high-grade seed production, delivering seed of exceptional quality to meet the demands of our agriculture industry partners.

Utilising 80 hectares at Lincoln, Grasslanz can achieve the long crop rotations and distance isolations required from our intensive seed production activities. Within the Peter Clifford building resides our specialist seed cleaning and storage facility.

Our specialist equipment and facilities and experienced seed production team adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring that every seed meets our own rigorous quality criteria. Grasslanz is happy to speak to companies about their high-grade seed production requirements.

Seed crop

Non-proprietary varieties breeders seed

In conjunction with Federated Farmers Herbage Seedgrowers’ Subsection, Grasslanz maintains certified breeders seed for a number of non-proprietary ryegrass and legume forage varieties.

The maintained varieties include:
  • Grasslands Nui Perennial Ryegrass
  • Grasslands Ruanui Perennial Ryegrass
  • Grasslands Moata Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass
  • Grasslands Tama Italian Ryegrass
  • Grasslands Manawa Hybrid Ryegrass
  • Grasslands Huia White clover
  • Grasslands Pitau White clover
  • Grasslands Pawera Tetraploid Red clover

Contact Grasslanz to apply for breeders seed for commercial seed production of these non-proprietary varieties.

Innovate with industry-leading seed varieties from Grasslanz

The best of Mother Nature meets the latest breeding advancements