Taking a collaborative approach to agricultural advancement

At Grasslanz Technology, we believe in the power of collaboration.

We actively seek out partnerships with like-minded organisations, including seed companies, research institutions and other entities in the agricultural supply chain. By sharing knowledge and expertise, we can achieve more together than we could alone.

If you’re interested in working together, we’d love to hear from you.

Joint venture partnerships v2

Joint venture partnerships

Through joint venture partnerships, we join forces with organisations interested in sharing the risks and costs of product development and commercialisation.

These incorporated and unincorporated collaborations allow us to join forces with partners with complementary capabilities in order to deliver platform technologies to the market.

Seed industry collaborations v2

Seed industry collaborations

Seed companies play a vital role in the commercialisation of many of our technologies. Our collaboration with the seed industry is via organisations such as the NZ Plant Breeders and Research Association and NZ Grain and Seed Association.

We partner with individual seed companies, offering them unique opportunities to enhance their product portfolios by providing access to cutting-edge genetic resources and innovative plant traits.

Partnering with AgResearch v2

Partnering with AgResearch

Stemming from its ownership of Grasslanz, we have strong partnerships with many AgResearch science groups. This opens doors to valuable knowledge, expertise, resources and collaborative research opportunities.

Together we strengthen our positions and drive innovation in the industry.

Collaborative research v2

Collaborative research

With a strict commitment to safety and regulatory standards, we use responsible genetic engineering practices to find new opportunities in plant development. Through modern biotechnology, we can introduce specific crop traits that improve productivity, disease resistance, or environmental adaptability.

Co investment v2


Co-investment fosters collaboration, accelerates development, and addresses evolving farmer needs. Through partnerships, we combine our expertise and resources while sharing the risks and costs of product development. 

Together, we maximise potential, utilise resources efficiently, and create positive change in agriculture.

Collaborating to create sustainable solutions

We are proud to partner with some of the most innovative names in the industry.

Partner with the leaders in plant and microbial technologies

Join forces with Grasslanz and use our expertise to drive innovation for agriculture.