Research & Development

Driving meaningful change through agricultural research and development

At Grasslanz, we actively pursue opportunities that go beyond traditional agricultural practices. We work with leading scientists across various fields and fully manage the research and development process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

By developing novel alternatives for agricultural problems we provide products that increase farm profitability, enhance animal and human health, and enable more sustainable environmental practices.

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Epichloë endophytes

At Grasslanz, we specialise in the research and development of Epichloë endophytes - beneficial fungi that have a symbiotic relationship with certain species of grass. These endophytes have the potential to enhance plant performance, improve pest and disease resistance, and increase tolerance to environmental stresses. 

White clover crop

New plant varieties

Through traditional plant breeding and advanced genetic techniques, we can enhance desirable traits such as yield, disease resistance, nutritional value, and adaptability to various environmental conditions.

Plant associated microbes

Plant-associated microbes

In nature plants and microbes develop symbiotic relationships for improved environmental adaptation.  Grasslanz invests in the discovery and formulation of beneficial plant-associated microbes in the development of biopesticides and biostimulants as an alternative to the use of synthetic chemistry.

Unique plant extracts

Unique plant extracts

Through our research and development activities we have identified plant compounds that provide in planta activity. Extraction of these compounds and formulation into products, has provided Grasslanz with new opportunities that can benefit agriculture.

Containment facility Grasslands

Gene editing and Genetic engineering

With a strict commitment to safety and regulatory standards, we use responsible genetic engineering practices to find new opportunities in plant development. Through modern biotechnology, we can introduce specific crop traits that improve productivity, disease resistance, or environmental adaptability.

We can help you commercialise innovative plant technologies

When your ideas meet our capabilities, we create new opportunities in agriculture.