A natural fungus (endophyte) that lives in grass and produces chemicals that make birds feel sick when ingested, but does not harm them.

AR37 is a great example of what can be achieved by world-leading, New Zealand based science. It was born out of the need to do better — to build on the successes...

Grasslands Tribute is a medium-large leaved white clover released in 2003. It was initially bred for drought tolerance and winter activity..

Licensing opportunity
Grasslanz Technology Ltd

Technology: Ornamental 4-leaf clover

Summary of Proposal
Grasslanz Technology has available a range of 4-leaf white clovers with a range of coloured leaves from ‘silver’ to dark red that can be licensed for sale either as seed or potted plants.

Two recently released white clover cultivars, Grasslands Kopu II and Crusader, were compared with existing cultivars for at least 3 years in each of five field trials under rotational grazing by either dairy cows or sheep in the Waikato and Manawatu...