• Development and licensing of plant varieties, grass endophytes and plant genes.
  • Collaborative research and project management of plant technologies.
  • Production and sale of high quality early generation seedstock.
  • Protection of intellectual property through patents, trade marks and plant variety rights.

Key technologies & capabilities

  • Grasslanz Technology forage cultivars sold internationally.
  • MaxQ® and MaxQIITMgrass endophyte sold in the USA.
  • AR1 and MaxP® grass endophyte sold in Australasia.
  • International seed company partners.
  • Plant and microbial genomics programme.
  • No.1 market position worldwide in proprietary grass endophytes.
  • High quality seed production in New Zealand

Grasslanz Technology forage cultivars

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Novel endophyte technologies

Endophyte developments have been a major focus for Grasslanz Technology in recent years. Research undertaken by AgResearch (Grasslanz Technology’s parent company) in the endophyte area is world leading, and the technology has provided millions of dollars benefit to New Zealand primary industries since the release of the novel endophyte AR1 in 2000. The research for the development of AR1 was a major team effort by mycologists, chemist, agronomists, entomologists and plant breeders. Research into the identification, understanding, testing and commercialisation of an endophyte strain takes the best part of 20 years... More information on novel endophyte technologies »