Winner of the NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2012

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At the 2012 New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards gala dinner held in Auckland on Friday 11th May, Grasslanz Technology Limited was presented with the HSBC Most Innovative Product from an Emerging Market Award for Agritech.

Grasslanz Technology develops and commercialises innovative plant technologies. Its innovative product (licensed to PGG Wrightson Seeds and sold by them as “Avanex®”) contains a natural fungus (endophyte) that reduces bird numbers in and around airports and other locations without harming birds. Grasslanz is the world's premier source of grass endophytes and white clover and a world leader in the development of temperate forage cultivars. It provides innovative forage technologies while embracing new opportunities offered by plant biotechnology.

For further information contact:

John Caradus
Chief Executive
Grasslanz Technology Ltd
+64 29 351 8001
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